23th Sketchcrawl

Last weekend was the sketchcrawl, a marathon for sketchers that allows people all over the world share a day drawing together at the same time in 90 cities around the planet.

The results of the eyes of two artists painting the same space are sooooo different. Dave was beside me and he reflected his calmed personality over a perfect sketch. I put all my energy over these crazy lines. But both ways are art expression. Incredible day with incredible people! Thanks to share your time with me. Dave, your work is just beautiful. Karyn arrived later, so I didn’t have time enough to see how she reflects her personality on the paper, but I’m willing to see her works on the forum of sketchcrawl.

Leslie gave us a quick view of his drawings, so young and so good. Do you have a blog to see more stuff?

tunelguellAs usual, I do my sketch in a very emotional way, but it is the only way I like to do it.

patioguellThe last one of the day. I made 2 others, but are still so undone.