Vista de Barcelona

In the last Sketchcrawl, I had the pleausure to draw with Dave, he works in the Mariscal art studio and has a beautiful and clear way to draw. Perfect lines come out of his pencils. My stile, much more emotional, create spots and colors reflecting my usual hiperactivity. Here it comes one of that drawings. I would really like to have Lapin close to me  to learn from him how to get good perspectives! he is the master on that!




Volviendo de la oficina de Girona, siempre veía la silueta de una ciudad amurallada. Como no hay nada que me guste más que viajar y descubrir cosasa nuevas, decidí ver que había en esa salida de la autopista llamada Hostalric, y me encontré con esta bonita fortaleza. Me recordó a uno de los muchos castillitos y ciudades por el estilo cerca de Lucca en Italia.

23th Sketchcrawl

Last weekend was the sketchcrawl, a marathon for sketchers that allows people all over the world share a day drawing together at the same time in 90 cities around the planet.

The results of the eyes of two artists painting the same space are sooooo different. Dave was beside me and he reflected his calmed personality over a perfect sketch. I put all my energy over these crazy lines. But both ways are art expression. Incredible day with incredible people! Thanks to share your time with me. Dave, your work is just beautiful. Karyn arrived later, so I didn’t have time enough to see how she reflects her personality on the paper, but I’m willing to see her works on the forum of sketchcrawl.

Leslie gave us a quick view of his drawings, so young and so good. Do you have a blog to see more stuff?

tunelguellAs usual, I do my sketch in a very emotional way, but it is the only way I like to do it.

patioguellThe last one of the day. I made 2 others, but are still so undone.




Hace algún tiempo estuvimos pasando unos días en Arties.  Nos alojamos en el hotel Besiberri, el más encantador de todo el pueblo. Los balcones estaban llenos de gitanillas y la impresión era la de encontrarme en un valle austriaco. La arquitectura de las ciudades de montaña siempre me recuerda a Heidi!

Aquí dejo una impresión del campanario de la iglesia. He usado un marcador diferente al habitual, y el dibujo ha quedado como muy de comic, pero me gusta de todas formas.

Going up from Alella


This is my favorite house in Alella, it is placed at the Riera Coma Clara. In Catalunya, when it rains in the summer, it is usual that the water creates incredible streams in just 5 minutes. This is the reason why usually it is dangerous to park the car inside a”riera” or even worse to build a house! But still, humans are as silly as that, and the most beautiful houses of the village are builded  just there.

If you want to have a nice view of the area and a good lunch, go up the hill until Can Jonc. If you prefer something more traditional and less expensive, but still cozy, Celler Marfil Alella is your place. You can visit a small museum about wine, and taste their own products.

El Masnou, another lovely house.

Casa pescadoresp

Another beautiful house in my neighbourhood. I like pretty much the bougainvillea plant, the pink colour gives a  Mediterranean look and the intensity of the light creates a nice atmosphere.

Me encantan las buganvillas, solo florecen en los climas calidos y siempre que veo los brillantes colores fuscias me hace pensar en los veranos de la costa mediterranea.

Una calle de El Masnou


This is a typical fisher house in my village, there are only 2 or 3 remaining streets with these kind of architecture, and the young people who are buying the houses are destroying the gardens to build the garage, it is impossible to park in the area, so there is no other option, but it is a real pity.

Una casita típica de Masnou que aún conserva el jardín. Es la calle de abajo de mi casa, y daría lo que fuera por vivir en una de esas casas antiguas de pescadores en vez de mi casa moderna y sin encanto.



Today was a very shinny day and we have been in Hortsavinya, a really small village at “El Parque del Corredor”. The small church has a great view over the valley. The scanner is not working properly and the shadows are too dark, I have to work on it.

Tallo again.


Last weekend we went again to our friends house (Pan family) in the  Cendanya, and I had half an hour to do this sketch. I started using pencils, and in the middle of it  I changed to a marker, so the result is a little bit weird. Still, I like it. Thanks for the lovely weekend, and we will be happy to come back soon!