Wild Flower

If I have decided to create this blog, it was probably because I got so impressed the first time I visit the sketches of Trumpevine Travels. It captivated me! It is difficult to explain it but, since then, I visit constantly this blog that has shown to me also a lot of other incredible artists. My favourite at the moment is Nina Johansson, she has an incredible style, just perfect to learn from her. Some times I just copy her draws to practice, and maybe one day I would be able to control the technique as good as she does. Probably I need first to control a bit my temper, my way of drawing is much more emotional, and I’m not a professional, so no problem to let my heart flow. I draw to feel the moment, the place, the object or the person that I want to sketch. It is a zen felling. You have to be the sky to draw the sky, and this exercise is not possible to be done so easily, at least for me.

In any case, I would like to extend my network of artists in order to learn of them and to share experiences, so English has to be the language to use. I’m no very used to write in English, so sorry for the mistakes.

This small aquarelle makes me thing in Austria. When I visited that marvellous country I could see thousands of these flowers in the beautiful valleys and hills. I can’t remember the name in german!


2 comentarios en “Wild Flower

  1. Hey, Mónica! Thanks, I´m glad you like my stuff, and I´m glad if you can learn something from me. Looking at your work here, I´m pretty sure I can learn some from you too – it´s gorgeous!
    Funny thing: you say “probably I need first to control a bit my temper, my way of drawing is much more emotional”, and I am saying the opposite thing – I probably should not control everything so much, I should show a little more temper in my drawings! :)


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